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Corporate recruiters, hiring managers and 3rd party recruiters receive, in average, between 50 to 300 candidate resumes or curriculum vitae (CVs) for each role they seek to staff.  There is a clear reason why many technically suitable candidates, who apply to a given role, are not contacted for a screening or interview.  And this is not because the candidate is one of 300 applicants and thus their resume or CV was not reviewed.  A top resume or CV, regardless of the number of applicants, will be viewed and considered.

There are multiple online / self-help sites having good intentions for aiding a job seeking / candidate in constructing an effective resume or CV.  The majority of applicants find that they did not receive a follow up from the company for which they submitted their resume or CV for review and consideration.  Employment job postings generally state that only those candidates deemed suitable will be contacted for an interview, and all but a few do not receive that follow up.  That's because the resume or CV does not sell the skills and experiences well enough to warrant that interview.


Most candidates construct one generic resume or CV and submit this document for all roles they apply to.  A resume or CV are sales documents and they need to be constructed as such - they need to sell the candidate's skills, abilities, knowledge and experiences in a manner that entices the recruiter or hiring manager to conduct a candidate screening and or interview.

We assist candidates in constructing their resume or CV (their personal sales document as we believe it to be) within Canada from coast-to-coast, and for Permanent Residence Visa holders seeking their first role within Canada.  Many were successful in securing the job interview of their choice via the resume or CV we aided them in constructing.

As we say to potential candidates, there's no harm or obligation in having a conversation, and from that conversation you will gain the information needed to make an informed decision.


Contact us today to schedule a free / no cost  exploratory conversation on how we can aid you in constructing the resume or CV that will best present your skills and experiences for securing your interview!  CONTACT

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I am pleased to provide feedback on the assistance I received from the Recruitment Staff within IntraTEC-ES, in particular from John Lohnes, during my job search in Canada.  Setting up a life in a new country is not an easy task; however, if you get the right support and guidance during that phase, this journey becomes really pleasant. My journey was pleasant because of John's valuable inputs in building my resume and with the encouragement he provided me.

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I received a note from a friend who was contacted by a recruiter in IntraTEC-ES, who was asking for candidate referrals to a role he was looking to staff.  I was looking to relocate to Canada, because I had my PR Visa, but I was not getting replies to the jobs I applied for online.  I emailed my CV to the IntraTEC-ES recruiter and mentioned that a friend suggested I contact him.  I met with the recruiter for about an hour on Skype video to review my employment history, my education and technical fit to the job he was looking to staff, and he also sold me on his client. 


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