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For detailed information on our referral programs click the links below:



$500. / $1,000. / $1,500. / $2,000 FEE


20% of each Permanent Placement Fee  


Types of Referral Programs:

  1. Company Referral Program, and

  2. Candidate Referral Program.



The IntraTEC Employment Solutions Inc. (IntraTEC-ES) Referral Programs are based in our culture of networking. Networking with candidates and client company representatives is how we achieve our success in being a best-in-class recruitment

company. Through networking we nurture strong relationships, generate business leads and source candidate placements. Through these relationships we support both employer and family success! Networking enables IntraTEC-ES to be a responsible and successful member of the greater economy.​

We invite you to be a referral activist for change, to become an engaged partner with IntraTEC-ES in growing our regional and national economy via the IntraTEC-ES Company and Candidate Referral Programs. The referral programs we offer provide you passive income by referring companies seeking to engage a reputable and effective 3rd party recruitment partner and or by referring individuals / candidates to IntraTEC-ES.

NOTE: All referral fee money you receive from IntraTEC-ES regardless if you invoiced with an HST/GST number or not, is taxable income to you, and needs to be claimed as taxable income on your income tax filing for the year you received your money from IntraTEC-ES.

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