Our values of integrity, partnership, innovation and technological knowledge are what   drive's the IntraTEC Employment Solution corporate culture. We aim to be the best-in-class   in the field of IT, IoT and IIot Recruitment, and we grow our business by focusing on the qualities for nurturing client to candidate relationships.  Why IntraTEC-ES? Because your business deserves better!


We understand that each organization is unique in the way they bring their services and products to market, and we have demonstrated success in sourcing national and international expertise required by our clients. It is leadership and vision that moves a product or service to market, but it is the skill and knowledge – people – that provide the qualities for success - the qualities that embody technical and corporate fit.


John of IntraTEC-ES is a highly motivated and professional recruitment specialist. He is an excellent judge of character, organized and efficient. John is very knowledgeable about the recruitment process, and is adept at using his knowledge to ensure that the best candidates are selected and integrated into the workplace. 

TH, Halifax

Our Recruitment Team possess the expertise and experience to source IT Technical, Back Office and Sales roles within: Operations, Vendor Management, R&D, Service, Support and Production / Manufacturing, etc. within Telecommunications and Software and Data Development and Distribution verticals. 


We can staff your needs anywhere in Canada.  We are well networked with local, regional, national and international technical resources and professionals, and are certain we can provide you with the right resource for the role you need to staff, at a price and replacement search guarantee the best in the industry.


As we say to potential candidates, there's no harm or obligation in having a conversation, and from that conversation you will gain the information needed to make an informed decision. 


Contract us today to schedule an exploratory conversation!  CONTACT >>


Examples of roles seasoned in sourcing and staffing within IT:

Software Development and Layers 

Software Engineering (Front & Back End) 

Software Testing

Software Quality Assurance Engineering

Embedded Software Development

ETL Development

Data Science

Applications Software & Design  

iOS Software and Engineering

App Development and Design

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  • Hire a Project Recruiter

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