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Candidate who understand that their resume or CV is a sales document and structures it to sell their match to the role; who effectively prepares for the interview - understanding that the interview is a sales presentation - realizing that they are equal partners during the interview, are most successful in being offered the role.  We call this preparation "Interview Strategies and Techniques Preparation", and we have aided many candidates in preparing for their interview, and many have secured the role over their competitors within the selection process.

There are multiple online / self-help sites and videos having good intentions for aiding a job seeking / candidate in preparing for an interview.  The majority of candidates who do not prepare with the help of a seasoned senior recruiter are not successful in securing the job offer.  At the end of the selection process there is only one successful candidate from those selected to interview, and in many cases candidates undergo progressive interviews - i.e. first with a corporate recruiter or 3rd party recruiter, second with the hiring manager and potentially a third with the department Director or VP.  It is important to be prepared for each interview in competition.  One substandard interview in competition will end the process.

The interview is a sales meeting and presentation, and it needs to be viewed and prepared as such - you are selling your skills, experiences and fit in competition with other candidates - the candidate with the strongest sales meeting and presentation is the one successful in securing the offer of employment. 

We have assisted numerous candidates in preparing for their interviews, as we are seasoned in the process.  We are experience in both corporate and 3rd party recruitment selection processes - seasoned in the process and techniques needed to conduct a successful interview.  And many of our candidate clients were successful in securing the role of their choice via the resume or CV we aided them in constructing, and in executing a successful interview via our interview strategies and techniques preparation program.

We have worked with candidates within Canada from coast-to-coast, with Permanent Residence Visa holders seeking their first role within Canada, and we are certain we can assist you in executing your best interview.

As we say to potential candidates, there's no harm or obligation in having a conversation, and from that conversation you will gain the information needed to make an informed decision.


Contract us today to schedule a free / no cost exploratory conversation on how we can aid you in preparing for your interview through our Interview Strategies and Techniques Process!  CONTACT

I was very fortunate to be able to work with John Lohnes of IntraTEC Employment Solutions during a recent recruitment process. John took the time to get to know me and make sure there was a good fit between myself and the employer. John was generous with his time in answering any questions I had, and he went above and beyond when preparing me for the interview process. He played a critical role in successfully pairing me with my new employer and he was a pleasure to work with. John is professional, knowledgeable and very helpful!  Mitch L, Ottawa


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I am pleased share my experience working with IntraTEC-ES.  Their approach to the recruitment process is refreshing.  They go through the process understanding that candidates are people not just a resume sent to a company in order to receive a fee.  They keep humanity as a part of the process, and they think of themselves as a bridge between the candidate and the employer.

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I’m 100% positive that the resume IntraTEC Employment Solution helped me create, and the interview preparation they provided, were instrumental for me in successfully obtaining the position I applied for.  Thank you, IntraTEC-ES for helping me convert nearly 30 years of military aviation and software experience into a successful position with a world leading commercial aviation software firm. 

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