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Fees, Terms and Conditions:

Company Referral Program Agreement and Effective Date – once IntraTEC-ES secures a written Recruitment Services Agreement with the Company you referred to IntraTEC-ES, we will provide you with a written Company Referral Program Agreement outlining the terms, conditions and obligations for your endorsement and records. The Company Referral Program Agreement requires signatures / endorsements by you, the person referring the company, and an IntraTEC-ES official before the Agreement comes into effect. An overview of the definition, terms and conditions are as follows:

Definition: The term “Company Referral” is defined as: A business / company referred to IntraTEC-ES by a person not employed by IntraTEC-ES – the referral has occurred when you have spoken / communicated with a recruitment / staffing authorized representative within the intended referred company, presenting IntraTEC-ES as a potential 3rd party recruitment provider for their business staffing needs, and within that discussion the authorized company representative has agreed to speak with an IntraTEC-ES official about potentially engaging IntraTEC-ES recruitment services for a fee.

Fee Amount: IntraTEC-ES agrees to pay the Referral Fee of 20% of all permanent placement fees received by IntraTEC-ES from the referred client company for the 365-day period commencing the date the agreement becomes effective – which is the date IntraTEC-ES and the referred Company representative sign / endorse the Recruitment Services Agreement.

Fee Payment Date: The Referral Fee is billable to IntraTEC-ES with payment terms Net 30 from the date IntraTEC-ES receives payment from the referred client company. Should you require HST or GST payments, an invoice containing your business related tax number must be stated on the invoice to IntraTEC-ES. Payment will only occur upon receipt of the invoice or other agreed upon document. If you have questions upon constructing an invoice, or required documentation, we will be pleased to assist you. IntraTEC-ES is required to advise you when payment is received by the referred client company.

NOTE: All referral fee money you receive from IntraTEC-ES regardless if you invoiced with an HST/GST number or not, is taxable income to you, and needs to be claimed as taxable income on your income tax filing for the year you received your money from IntraTEC-ES.

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