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Our values of partnership, innovation, proactively and technological leverage are embedded in IntraTEC Employment Solutions’ corporate culture, and we aim to be the best-in-class within our chosen verticals: Telecommunications (Wireless, Wireline and Vendor), Software, IT, IoT, IIoT and R&D recruitment. We continue to grow by focusing on quality, value, and nurturing client and candidate relationships.



We consistently strive to be best-in-class. In order to achieve this distinction we continue to hone our recruitment processes through ongoing client and candidate feedback. Our search and administration functions allow our consultants to focus on client and candidate relationships and enhancing their specialized knowledge of the market. As we strive to be first-in-class, we invest in our consultants to ensure industry knowledge and quality of work.

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We focus on making the placement by sourcing the top percentile candidate; first by understanding our client’s need, the position requirement in detail, and the qualities of a strong corporate culture fit. Our goal is to achieve client satisfaction and placement retention. Our search function and passive talent pool development mean we connect with a wider range of potential candidates on a daily basis. This adds value through introducing passive and active candidates within our search processes.


Our values of integrity, partnership, innovation and technological knowledge are what drive's the IntraTEC Employment Solution corporate culture. We aim to be the best-in-class in the field of Telecommunications and IT Recruitment, and  we grow our business by focusing on the qualities for nurturing client to candidate relationships. 

We understand that each organization is unique in the way they bring their services and products to market, and we have demonstrated success in sourcing national and international expertise required by our clients. It is leadership and vision that moves a product or service to market, but it is the skill and knowledge – people – that provide the qualities for success - the qualities that embody technical and corporate fit.  Why IntraTEC-ES? Because your business deserves better!


Contingency Search Model provides services to our clients with no engagement / retainer fee – this model is strictly a pay-for-performance approach to recruitment – contingency billing – the payment of fees contingent upon our client hiring our candidate. By making the upfront investment of time and energy in our clients, we believe that our contingency model reflects our core principle of giving remarkable value, and enhances our goal to build lasting business relationships with our clients.

Retained Search Model provides an alternative option to our client’s recruitment needs. This model places the recruitment process within one recruitment firm – IntraTEC-ES, and thus reduces client to recruitment company interactions. IntraTEC-ES functions, in essence, as your Recruitment Department. This is a great option for small to medium size client companies, and it frees up time for Recruitment Departments and Hiring Managers alike.

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