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 All permanent recruitment processes are Contingency based.  Contingency Recruitment is defined as a recruitment process where payment is due for a candidate placement(s) only when the Customer hires a candidate presented by the Service Provider.  

IntraTEC-ES fee structure for 2022 with payment terms of Net 30 are as follows:

a. New Client First Placement Introductory Rate is 10% of the annual base salary.wage,


b. Permanent Placement Standard Fee is 18% of the annual base salary/wage,

c. All Retainer / Exclusive Permanent Placement are 15% of the annual base salary/wage,

d. Project Fees (four simultaneous searches) - Negotiable.


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Permanent Placement Recruitment Fees - Sales and Business Development:


IntraTEC-ES Sales and or Business Development permanent hire placement(s) - is a fixed rate of $10,000.00

​Permanent Placement Recruitment Fees - Term-to-Permanent Placement Fees:


Term-to-Permanent placement is defined as a term period of employment having a start date and an expected end date, with the possibility or expectation that at the end of the term period the term employee might or will role over to permanent employment status.  The term-to-permanent candidate/new hire is sourced by IntraTEC-ES but is hired and compensated directly by the client.

The term-to-permanent placement objective is to reduce our client's cost associated with hiring temporary employees from a Staffing Agency where the mark-up can range between 20% to 40% in addition to the hourly wage rate

IntraTEC-ES Term-to-Perm Fees are negotiable, but the following are guidelines:

Once the term-to-permanent employee is hired by our client, IntraTEC-ES will submit an invoice to the client on the first work day following the term employee's hours worked in the previous month.


IE. invoice dated June 1, 2017 is the invoice date pertaining to all hours worked in the month of May 2017.

The invoice hourly rate is 10% of the term employee's hourly rate, example: $20.00 hour rate received by the term employee is invoiced by the Service Provider to the Client at $2.00 per-hour for each hour worked by the term employee.

The combined monthly invoice amounts will not exceed the fee that would have been paid if the term employee was hired as a permanent full-time employee.

When, or if, the term employee is rolled over to permanent employment status, the combined monthly invoice amounts, less applicable taxes, are subtracted from the permanent placement fee, and the difference is billed to the client as the permanent placement role-over fee.  

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