Working with John Lohnes, in IntraTEC-ES, was really enriching and empowering as he reshaped my profile and resume, highlighting my top skills, and giving me the reassurance I needed to reach my objectives and excel within my interviews. John looked at every detail and every possible angle to each challenge we faced always refining our strategy accordingly, I admired his dedication and commitment!  MH - Nova Scotia



The IntraTEC-ES recruiter who approached me for a role within R&D knew the job technical requirements and work environment very well.  I was not looking for a change, but he peeked my interest.  As it turned out, he was right "there was no harm in having a conversation", because I interviewed and was hired.  Although I was not looking, it turned out to be a good career move for me.  I thought my resume was well written, but the recruiter critiqued it and offered suggestions to highlight and clarifying key information to be more inline with the job requirements.  My final resume was really good; he said to think of a resume as a sales document.  Also, prior to my first interview which was on Skype video, and my in-person interview, the recruiter prepped me with interviewing strategies...

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Corporate recruiters, hiring managers and 3rd party recruiters receive, in average, between 50 to 300 candidate resumes or curriculum vitae (CVs) for each role they seek to staff.  There is a clear reason why many technically suitable candidates, who apply to a given role, are not contacted for a screening or interview, and it's not because the candidate is one of 300 applicants and thus their resume or CV was not reviewed.  A top resume or CV, regardless of the number of applicants, will be viewed and considered.

The short list of applicants - the top candidate resumes - will be selected for candidate screening and / or interview(s).  The candidate best able to sell their match to the role requirements and fit to the corporate and team culture, during the interview selection process, will be selected for hire.  Many candidates who interview, do not prepare for the interview, believing that the process is one sided- - that all they need to do is answer the questions posed and they will be successful.


In truth, the candidate who understands that their resume or CV is a sales document and structures it to sell their match to the role, and who effectively prepares for the interview - understanding that the interview is a sales presentation, realizing that they are equal partners within the interview, are most successful in being offered the role.  We call this preparation "Interview Strategies and Techniques Preparation", and we have aided many candidates in preparing for their interview, and many have secured the role over their competitors within the selection process.

We have guided candidates in constructing their resume, CV (their personal sales document), and in preparing for their candidate screening and interview(s).  Many were successful in securing the role of their choice via the resume or CV we aided them in constructing and in executing a successful interview via our interview strategies and techniques preparation. 

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We have the knowledge, the skill, the ability, and history of success needed to aid you in constructing your personal sales document and preparing for your interview, that comes from years of employment as senior recruiters within corporate and third party recruitment firms.  CONTACT >> us today.


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