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Fees / Income, Terms and Conditions:

Candidate Referral Program Agreement and Effective Date – The Candidate Referral Program is a separate and distinctly different program to the Company Referral Program.  The Candidate Referral Program is intended to augment traditional recruitment practices, and is one aspect of IntraTEC-ES candidate sourcing and selection activities. The referral process occurs when an employee of IntraTEC-ES requests candidate referrals from an individual(s) within their corporate and or external recruitment networks.

A candidate referral request is deemed to have occurred only when an IntraTEC-ES representative has requested assistance to refer candidates directly to an IntraTEC-ES representative for the intention of staffing a stated position title of a specific employment opportunity IntraTEC-ES has been engaged to fill.

A candidate referral is deemed to be your referred candidate, for the specific and stated position, unless the individual in question was presented as a referral to IntraTEC-ES prior to the date and time you submitted the individual for consideration, or if you’re referred candidate is currently in discussions with an IntraTEC-ES representative, or should you submit an individual when not requested to do so by an IntraTEC-ES employee.  Note: referred candidates only apply to the specific position / search that an IntraTEC-ES representative has requested recruitment assistance for; there is no implied ownership should the individual be staffed in a role other than the specific role/search for which the individual was referred in consideration for.

The referral request, job requirements, referral fee dollar amount, and the terms and conditions for payment will be provided to you in a clearly typed email or LinkedIn inmail at the time the IntraTEC-ES representative requests your candidate referral assistance.

​​The general terms, conditions and obligations for the Candidate Referral Program are as follows:

Fees / Income: The fee provided for referring a candidate to IntraTEC-ES varies depending on the dollar value of the permanent placement position being staffed. The referral fee will vary between $500. / $1,000. / $1,500. or $2,000 Canadian.

Fee / Income Payment Date: The candidate referral fee will be paid to you upon successful completion of the Employment Probationary Period for each position staffed with your referred candidate.

Example: Employment Probationary Periods generally range from three (3) months to six (6) months from the date the new hire employee starts his/her first day of employment. Should the new hire not be successful in remaining with the employer beyond the Employment Probationary Period, no referral fee will be paid for that particular placement; however, should you refer a new candidate to IntraTEC-ES and that individual re-staff the role, you will receive the referral fee contingent upon this new placement’s continued employment beyond their Employment Probationary Period.

Payment Processing: Upon completion of the Employment Probationary Period, IntraTEC-ES will contact you via email and request you submit an invoice, or an agreed upon payment document, for the referral fee payment. Should you require HST or GST payments, an invoice containing your business related tax number must be submitted to IntraTEC-ES. Payment will only occur upon receipt of the invoice or other agreed upon document. If you have questions upon constructing an invoice, or required documentation, we will be pleased to assist you.

Program Cancellation: IntraTEC-ES reserves the right to terminate referral payments should IntraTEC-ES deem that the individual to receive said payments is in conflict with Canadian laws or in conflict of IntraTEC-ES recruitment moral practices or core values.  IntraTEC-ES, in its discretion, reserves the right to cancel the Candidate Referral Program at any time and without notice to its participants.

NOTE: All referral fee money you receive from IntraTEC-ES regardless if you invoiced with an HST/GST number or not, is taxable income to you, and needs to be claimed as taxable income on your income tax filing for the year you received your money from IntraTEC-ES.

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