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FEES AND STRUCTURE - Career Counselling

Prior to engaging our services for Career Counselling, Resume or CV Construction or Interview Strategies and Techniques coaching, review our offerings and compare them to our other career counselling businesses and recruitment companies. take the time to check references.


Whether you engage our services for the full Career Counselling services or select only our Resume and CV Construction or Interview Strategies and Techniques coaching services, we are confident that our offerings are superior.




Our Comprehensive Career Counselling Services fee is $249.95 Cdn per person plus applicable taxes. This service consists of Resume / CV construction support and Interview Strategies and Techniques training, which is one of the lowest fees in the industry.

Our Resume and CV Construction and our Interview Strategies and Techniques Coaching fees are the lowest in the industry.   

  • Resume and CV construction and support is $134.95 Canadian  per individual.

    • Group How To presentation session is $800 Canadian.  This does not include individual 1-on-1 resume or CV construction support.


  • Interview Strategies and Techniques Training (1 to 4 one-hour sessions as needed) fixed fee of $134.95 Canadian per individual.

    • Group preparation session is $800 Canadian.

  • Appropriate taxes are in addition to fees.

Depending on location, sessions can be conducted in person or remotely via video conference.  Written documentation to be conducted via Word format.

CONTACT US TODAY to schedule a free / no cost exploratory conversation on how we can aid you in constructing the resume or CV that will best present your skills and experiences for securing your interview, and to learn more about how we can aid you in preparing for your interview through our Interview Strategies and Techniques Process!  CONTACT

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