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Telecom / Software / R&D / IoT / IIoT / Data

Recruitment Solutions

Why IntraTEC-ES ?

  • We are headhunters who network and trackdown candidates not on the market, and bring them into the process as active candidates;

  • 10% 1st Placement Introductory Fee, and

  • 365 Day Replacement Search Guarantee


IntraTEC-ES when your internal or 3rd party external recruitment process fails.


We are Headhunters who track down and network to find the skill-set and team culture fit you need .

  • Telecom Recruitment

  • R&D Recruitment

  • Software, IoT and IIoT Recruitment

  • Hire a Project Recruiter

  • Career Counselling Training

  • Resume and CV Construction

  • Interview Strategies and Techniques

  • Fees & Structure


Our mission is to earn client business by providing effective recruitment solutions at the lowest fees with the longest replacement search guarantee in the industry, while ensuring our clients meet their objectives and timelines.

  • Earn real referral income

  • Company Referral Program

  • Candidate Referral Program

Landmark East School
  • IntraTEC-ES supports LME's MISSION:

    • to provide a solid education for students with a Learning Difference.

  • To learn more visit:


I was very fortunate to be able to work with John Lohnes of IntraTEC Employment Solutions during a recent recruitment process. John took the time to get to know me and make sure there was a good fit between myself and the employer. John was generous with his time in answering any questions I had, and he went above and beyond when preparing me for the interview process. He played a critical role in successfully pairing me with my new employer and he was a pleasure to work with. John is professional, knowledgeable and very helpful!  Mitch L, Ottawa

I would like you to know that my experience working with IntraTEC-ES has been amazing. I have had a few recruiters contact me in the past and no one else has been as hands on or helped prepare me as much as you have. Thank you.   MM, Halifax


IntraTEC-ES has the best recruiters I have worked with. They get results, which is the only thing that counts when you have a project to deliver and need specialized people. The recruiter I worked with, John Lohnes, showed initiative, he was creative and finds ways to make things happen. He was also quick to learn what he did not know, if it is needed to get you the results; the way he harnessed immigration law/rules in order to get me the people I  needed was impressive. I will reuse John as often as I can.  FP, Montreal

IntraTEC-ES recruiters are highly motivated and professional recruitment specialist. I worked with John Lohnes, and he is an excellent judge of character, organized and efficient. John is very knowledgeable about the recruitment process, and is adept at using his knowledge to ensure that the best candidates are selected and integrated into the workplace.  TH, Halifax



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